The question is, do we want to?

Mother Teresa said, "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." As founder of Dancing Petals, when I started this business I wanted to build it solely for the sake of my little one who is not even here in existence in this world. I wanted my little one to be able to enter this world with me fulfilling my duties as a mother to shower him or her with my undivided attention and love, and maybe a little ethereal place on earth where he or she may find peace to grow up in. As an avid nature lover, I took pride in my deep love for the outdoors where I see the impossibilities of our dear mother earth, where literally miracles could happen if you just look close enough. In this world filled with constant chaos, I depended on nature to find myself, my inspirations, motivations, and I wanted the many generations that are to come to appreciate nature in its most natural form. My motive for Dancing Petals was never to be a business just to sell flowers but more so of selling an experience and creating a behaviour - to love flowers properly. Flowers are the most beautiful gift that nature brings to us, so much so I believe that "the earth laughs in flowers", literally. I wanted flowers to be more than just the beautiful lives they are, because in so many ways they bloomed to make our memories even more beautiful. If you just sit and think about it, a flower has to actually end its life prematurely so that we could experience something more during our special occasions and if that is the way it has to be, shouldn't there be something more we could do than just printing message cards and pack flowers with plastics and paper wrappings that further damage the earth? And most of the time, people do not actually take care of the flowers they received. We spoke to people and found that most of the time, they would leave their flowers in the bouquet form and when the flowers finally reached their final moments, they get thrown away along with the wrapping and message cards. The whole affair of giving flowers then became such a meaningless event and all you see is money and effort gone to waste. For someone like me who loves receiving flowers, it didn't have to be that way; and that was how Dancing Petals' signature, the Gaia Collection was conceived -- Singapore's first and only 2-in-1 flower bouquet that combines the wrapping and message card into one, using linen wrap inked with customised messages that can help prevent wastage and keep memories alive. Signing off, until the next. <3

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